Optional project columns

For Project List view pages, you can customize which columns appear in the list.

The column choices in the Available Columns field include all fields that are used in all project templates in the system. Template creators define fields in project templates. Some projects that appear in the Project list view might have been created with a project template that did not contain a certain field. If a project does not have a field that is defined, there will be no value in the corresponding column on the project list view.

In the Project Calendar view, in the Optional Information to Show field, select any optional project milestones or project start and end dates that you want to view. These milestones and dates appear in the calendar.

When you select optional columns, you select them for a particular view. For example, if you select an optional column that is called Objectives in the Active Projects and Requests view, this column does not appear in the All Projects and Requests view.