Unica Plan workflow

The workflow for Unica Plan includes creating and managing marketing objects, such as plans, programs, and projects.

Before you begin

Before you start working in Unica Plan, your administrator must install Unica Plan and set it up. If you are having problems, contact your administrator.

About this task

The following steps outline some of the major tasks users do in Unica Plan.


  1. Create plans that contain programs.
  2. Create programs that contain projects.
  3. Create more projects, request a project, accept a request, start a project, or view projects.
  4. Work with projects by completing the setup of workflows, viewing and modifying tasks, and printing, copying, and deleting the projects.
  5. Work with assets, including adding, editing, and changing the status of assets. You can also add folders.
  6. Work with approvals, including adding an approval process; submitting it for review; canceling the review; modifying, printing, and deleting it; putting the approval on hold; responding to it; and marking up approval items with comments.
  7. Create invoices that track expenses related to programs and projects.
  8. Search for projects and approvals with both the standard and advanced search capabilities, and save advanced searches for future use.
  9. Collaborate with other users with the alerts window and the message board.
  10. Create To-dos and Checklists to track items to be performed by you or other users.