Why use Unica Plan?

Unica Plan, users increase the return and lower the risk of resource investments by optimizing decisions, collaborating across programs, operating more efficiently, and gaining greater visibility.

Unica Plan has the following benefits.

  • Manage and coordinate all your marketing activities in one solution.

    Because all relevant marketing information is in one place, there are fewer misaligned investments. Centralization leads to tighter controls over which marketing programs are started. As a result, greater operational efficiencies are gained, allowing marketers to get to market rapidly and spend more time on strategy.

  • Improve decision making, minimize risk.

    The marketing measurement that is provided by using Unica Plan enables marketers to focus on the most profitable opportunities. Additionally, marketers make better tactical decisions because the marketing mix is more easily optimized.

  • Ensure that strategic goals and marketing activities align.

    Strategic goals, marketing plans, and budgets are centralized to promote clarity of agreed upon objectives and tactics to achieve business goals. The result is improved alignment of marketing plans and activity.

  • Achieve faster, lower-cost execution of all marketing activities.

    Rather than reconciling individual project plans, chasing down approvals, and manually tracking creative changes, project plans and assets are centralized, and approvals are clear and automated. Waste is eliminated because better execution results in less duplication of effort, fewer fees and penalties for completing tasks in a rush, and allocation of resources to the right programs.

  • Create To-dos and Checklists

    To-dos are items in a checklist. To-do is a task or an activity that you must perform. Checklist maintains lists of to-dos for yourself or for another user. These features are independent of other features of Unica Plan.

  • Ensure compliance.

    By using the centralized repository and advanced reporting capabilities in Unica Plan, marketers reduce time and money that is spent satisfying the needs of regulatory agencies, corporate auditors, and management.

  • Open, flexible architecture.

    Unica Plan is based on an open architecture that makes it easy for IT to implement and use your existing infrastructure and data. Unica Plan uses a three-tier Java Platform, Enterprise Edition architecture, which separates the client, web server, application server, and back-end data sources.