Unica Plan documentation and help

Different people in your organization use Unica Plan to accomplish different tasks. Information about Unica Plan is available in a set of guides, each of which is intended for use by team members with specific objectives and skill sets.

The following table describes the information available in each guide.

Table 1. Guides in the Unica Plan documentation set

The following three-column table describes tasks in one column, guide names in the second column, and audience in the third column.

If you See Audience
  • Plan and manage projects
  • Establish workflow tasks, milestones, and personnel
  • Track project expenses
  • Get reviews and approvals for content
  • Produce reports
  • Create to-dos and checklists

Unica Plan User's Guide

  • Project managers
  • Creative designers
  • Direct mail marketing managers
  • Marketers
  • Design templates, forms, attributes, and metrics
  • Customize the user interface
  • Define user access levels and security
  • Implement optional features
  • Configure and tune Unica Plan

Unica Plan Administrator's Guide

  • Project managers
  • IT administrators
  • Implementation consultants
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Plan offers
  • Implement integration between Unica Plan and Unica Campaign
  • Implement integration between Unica Plan and IBM Digital Recommendations

Unica Plan and Integration Guide

  • Project managers
  • Marketing execution specialists
  • Direct marketing managers
  • Learn about new system features
  • Research known issues and workarounds

Unica Plan Release Notes®

Everyone who uses Unica Plan

  • Install Unica Plan
  • Configure Unica Plan
  • Upgrade to a new version of Unica Plan

Unica Plan Installation Guide

  • Software implementation consultants
  • IT administrators
  • Database administrators

Create custom procedures to integrate Unica Plan with other applications

Unica Plan Integration Module and the API JavaDocs available when you click Help > Product Documentation in Unica Plan, and then download the UnicaPlan<version>PublicAPI.zip file for the SOAP API and UnicaPlan<version>PublicAPI-RestClient.zip for the REST API.

  • IT administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Implementation consultants

Learn about the structure of the Unica Plan database

Unica Plan System Schema

Database administrators

Need more information while you work

  • Get help and search or browse the User's, Administrator's, or Installation guides: Click Help > Help for this page
  • Access all of the Unica Plan guides: Click Help > Product Documentation
  • Access guides for all Unica products: Click Help > All Unica Suite Documentation

Everyone who uses Unica Plan