Rearranging columns on object lists

You can rearrange the custom and standard columns of data on marketing object lists so you can see the most relevant data without scrolling. You can choose which custom columns to display. From

About this task

You can rearrange the column order on the lists of the following marketing objects.

  • projects
  • assets
  • offers
  • marketing objects
Note: You cannot remove standard attributes because they are used by the system, but you can put them where they are most useful or least intrusive.


  1. Go to a list page for one of these object types, such as Active Projects.
  2. Click Options.
    The Project Options window opens. In this window, Available Columns shows all columns that can be displayed. The list of Selected Columns shows default columns that are currently displayed in the order that they display.
  3. Use the >> and << arrows to move the columns you want to display into Selected Columns or to remove columns from Selected Columns.
    Note: From version 12.1.7, you can remove default standard attributes from Selected Columns.
    Note: On the Assets list page, standard columns are not shown in the Available Columns list.
  4. Use the up and down arrows arrange the columns in Selected Columns in the order you want them to appear.
  5. For projects only, in the Default List field, select the list view to use by default when you select Operations > Projects.

    By default, the Active Projects and Requests view appears in this field, unless you previously changed the setting.

    If you have any saved searches, you can also select one of them as your default view.

  6. For projects only, in the Default View Mode field, select project list or project calendar.
  7. Click Save Changes.