Changing the template for a communication

You can change the template used by a communication (email, landing page, or online form) when you edit the communication. Because the template defines the default layout of the document, changing the template can significantly alter the appearance and content of the email, landing page, or form. The controls required to change the template appear at the top of the communication editor.

About this task

If the current template is a master template, altering the template affects all other communications that use the template. If the current template is a local copy, then changes you make here affect only the current document.

Use the Message Editor to make any of the following changes.

  • Switch to a different template. This option replaces the current template with another template that you select.

    Click Select new template icon to select a new template. In the Select Template window, browse to select a different template from the Content Library.

  • Clear the template. This option removes the template from the communication.

    Click Clear template icon to clear the template. The system removes the current template from the document. Changes that you made to the template are removed. Changes that you made to the document, such as adding content to zones, remain in place.

    You must add another template to be able to save the communication. Drag a template from the Content Library or click to select a new template.

  • Edit the source code of the current template.

    Click Edit template icon to edit the template source code to edit the HTML source code in a text editor.

  • Edit the template in the graphical HTML editor. Right-click in the communication and edit the master copy or create a new local copy.

    Use the embedded graphical editor to change the document layout and fixed content. You can also use the graphical editor to edit the HTML source code.