Creating a communication

A communication can define an email message or landing page, WhatsApp message, or text message. To create an email, landing page, or text message communication, you must add the appropriate template to the communication.

Before you begin

Before you begin, confirm that a template exists for the communication that you want to create, and that you know where to access it.


  1. Use any of the following methods to open a new communication.
    • In the toolbar, click New.
    • In the bottom of the Communications tab, click Create new communicationYellow star with plus sign image.
    • Right-click anywhere in the Communications tab and select New or right click on the folder in the communication tab in which you want to create the communication and click Create communication.
    A default communication editor displays in the editing pane.
  2. Add a template to the communication.

    Select a template designed to create the type of communication that you want to create.

  3. Give the communication a name.

    The name must be unique within the Message Editor.

    Note: You cannot use the characters > < / \ ? | " * in the communication name.

    Unica recommends that you assign a name according to an easily recognizable naming convention so that you and your colleagues can distinguish between the different types of communications in the Message Editor.

  4. Click Save Changes Diskette image .
    Note: For text message communications, templates are not required. You are required to write the text in the editor box and can include your personalization fields as per the requirements. For more details, see the Sending an SMS topic.