Naming a communication

The unique name that you give to a communication specifies that the system uses to identify the email or landing page in the user interface, tracking reports, and in the Deliver tracking tables in the Campaign schema.

About this task

Note: You cannot use the characters > < / \ ? | " * in the communication name.


  1. Open the communication for edit and use any of the methods below to assign a name to a new communication or change the name of an existing communication.
    • Right-click the tab of the communication editor and select Rename. In the Properties window, enter a name.
    • In the toolbar, click Properties Page with two columns and pencil image. In the Properties window, enter a name.
    • Double-click the tab on the communication editor and enter a name.
  2. Click Save Changes Diskette image.


The communication displays the new name in the Communications tab as soon as you save changes.