Adding a template to a communication

This feature is only valid for email messages. The template that you add to a communication provides the structure for the communication.

Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure that the template you want to add is uploaded to the Content Library or is accessible for upload from your local system or from a shared drive.

The asset that contains the template file must be marked as a template. Content elements that are marked as a template cannot be dragged into zones defined in email or landing page documents.

About this task

Use either of the following methods to add a template to a communication.


  • Drag the template element from the Content Library into the editing section of the email or landing page document.
  • Click Please select a template. In the Select template window, select the template that you want to add and click Insert. The Select template window displays HTML files only.


When you add the template to the document, the default layout of the email or landing page appears in the editing section of the Message Editor.