Saving a communication

Saving a communication is linked to publishing the communication. Publishing the communication makes the communication and the resources it contains available for use in a personalized message or landing page. The Message Editor toolbar indicates the current save and publication status.

About this task

Save the communication in an existing folder in the Content Library or create a new folder within an existing folder to save the communication.

Note: You cannot use the characters > < / \ ? | " * in the communication name.

Each time that you save, the system prompts you to publish the communication. The first time that you publish a communication, the Message Editor displays a status indicator Green circle with check mark: publish progress in the toolbar that indicates the last time that the publication was saved.

If you save changes to a communication but do not publish it, the Green circle with check mark: publish progress indicator changes to Yellow triangle with exclamation: warning and the system displays a message to indicate that the communication changed since the last time it was published. The warning persists even when you close the browser session and open the communication again in a different session.

Hover over Green circle with check mark: publish progress or Yellow triangle with exclamation: warning to view the date and time of the last time the communication was saved.

Although you can save a communication without publishing it, you must publish the communication to include the changes in any mailing that references the communication. For example, you might make a series of changes to a communication and save the work in progress several times without publishing. After the final edit, you would publish the communication to capture all of the changes in a new publication of the communication.

In the Message Editor, you can save a communication in the following ways.


  • Click Diskette: Save to save changes to the existing communication.
  • Click Diskette with plus sign: Save As to save the communication as a new communication with a different name.