Doing a production run of a process or branch

If you run only a process or a branch, the Run ID of the flowchart is not incremented.

About this task

Do a production run after you save, validate, and do a test run. A production run writes to the history tables.

After initiating a run, users with Administrative privileges can access the Monitoring page, which displays all running flowcharts and their status.

Important: For contact processes, each production run can generate contact history only once. To generate multiple contacts from the same list of IDs, snapshot out the list of IDs and read from the list for each flowchart run.


  1. Open a flowchart in Edit mode.
  2. Click a process on the branch that you want to run.
  3. Open the Run menu Arrow and select Save and run selected branch.
    Note: When you run only a process or a branch, if contact history records exist, you are prompted to choose run history options before you can proceed. For details, see Updating contact history by doing a production run.

    Each process displays a check mark after it runs successfully. If there are errors, the process displays a red "X".

  4. Click the Analysis tab and view the Unica Campaign flowchart status summary report to determine whether there were any errors in the run.