Email notification management

Unica Campaign can send email notifications to user's "About flowchart" status.

Unica Campaign must send notifications to the configured user's email ID for the following flowchart statuses.
  1. Flowchart Run
  2. Flowchart Finish (Ran Successfully)
  3. Flowchart Stop
  4. Flowchart Pause
  5. Flowchart Continue
  6. Flowchart Failure

For details on how to configure user email ID in Platform Email Notification, see the "Alert and notification management" and "Unica | General | Communication | Email" topics in Unica Platform Administrator Guide.

Email format

Subject: Unica Campaign Execution Status <PASS> / <FAILED> / <STOPPED>/ <PAUSED> - <CAMPAIGN_NAME>-- <FLOWCHART_NAME>


Hello <USERNAME> – This is platform user name who triggers the flowchart execution.

See the following Unica Campaign flowchart execution details.

Campaign name: <CAMPAIGN_NAME> – Name of the Campaign

Flowchart name: <FLOWCHART_NAME> – Name of the flowchart under execution

Execution Status: <PASS> / <FAILED> / <STOPPED>/ <PAUSED> – Flowchart execution statuses

Execution Start time: <START TIME> – Start time of the flowchart execution

Execution complete time: <END TIME> – End time of the flowchart execution, if its paused then the time when the flowchart is paused.

Execution Type – <PRODUCTION/TEST> – If flowchart is executed in test mode or in production mode.