Reviewing flowcharts

Depending on your permissions, you might be allowed to review, but not edit, flowcharts. Reviewing a flowchart means you can look at process configurations and make changes, but you cannot save any changes or perform production runs. The flowchart auto-save option is disabled and cannot be enabled. To save changes to a flowchart, you must have Edit permissions.

About this task

If you are allowed to review but not edit flowcharts, you can verify a flowchart's contents without inadvertently changing the flowchart.

You open a flowchart in Review mode the same way as you open a flowchart in Edit mode. Your permissions ensure that you can only access flowcharts in Review mode if you do not also have Edit permissions.

Follow these steps to review a flowchart.


  1. Use one of the following methods to open a flowchart:
    • On the Campaigns page, Edit a tab Tiny blue pencil with line icon next to the campaign, and select a flowchart from the menu.
    • Open a campaign, click the flowchart tab, then click Edit Tiny pencil icon in the flowchart toolbar.
    • Open the campaign's Analysis tab, click the flowchart link, then click Edit Tiny pencil icon.
    A message indicates that the flowchart is in review mode and that any changes you make cannot be saved. The page header says "Reviewing" and only the Cancel option is visible.
  2. You can perform the following actions in Review mode:
    • Save processes as a template.
    • Save the flowchart as a template.
    • Modify the flowchart (but you cannot save your changes).
    • Perform test runs, if you have the appropriate permissions.
    Important: Even in Review mode, test runs can write output and execute triggers. Also, if you have the appropriate permissions, you can edit custom macros and triggers in the flowchart, and thus might change the flowchart.