Copying flowcharts

Copying an existing flowchart saves time because you can start with a completed flowchart and modify it to meet your needs.


  1. View the flowchart that you want to copy. For example, click a flowchart tab while you view its campaign.
  2. Click the Copy icon Two pieces of paper icon.
  3. In the Duplicate flowchart dialog, select the destination campaign into which you want to copy the flowchart.
  4. Click Accept this location.
    Note: You can also double-click a folder to select and accept the location in one step.


The flowchart is copied to the campaign that you selected.

Process configuration settings are copied to the new flowchart. However, any temporary files or tables that were created as a result of running the original flowchart are not copied to the new flowchart.

If the copied flowchart includes contact processes (Mail list or Call list) with target cells that are linked to a target cell spreadsheet, new cell codes are generated for cells in the new flowchart so that duplicate cell codes do not occur. If the target cells were defined in the flowchart, and if the Auto-generate cell code option in the contact process is off, new cell codes are NOT generated for the new flowchart.

Note: If the flowchart logic uses derived fields that reference cell codes from the old flowchart, the logic does not carry over to the new flowchart.