Searching for flowcharts and flowchart-related objects

Use Search flowcharts to find a flowchart or a flowchart-related object by entering one or more characters as search criteria.

About this task

Flowchart-related objects include flowchart and process box names, configuration details, descriptions, owners, user variables, user database tables, segments, associated offers, and any other objects that are stored in the Unica Campaign session files (.ses). From V12.1.1 onwards, search flowchart screen will also display the Campaign code details. Also, Print button is provided to print the results shown. When you do a search, all flowcharts in all campaigns in the current partition are searched. Searching is not case-sensitive. For example, a search for "Customer" can find user databases, process boxes, and assigned offers that contain the word "customer."


  1. Click Search flowcharts from any available location:
    • On the All campaigns or All sessions page
    • From any flowchart tab in View mode
  2. When the Search flowcharts dialog opens, enter your search criteria.

    If you click the Search button without entering any criteria, the search results include all flowcharts.

  3. Use the Search results area to examine the results and optionally navigate to a flowchart. For example, you can click the name of a flowchart to open that flowchart in View mode.

    If you want to see a list of all of the process boxes that contain the search criteria, expand a cell in the Matching process boxes column or use the Expand all / Collapse all icons in the Search results toolbar.

  4. Search results are retained, even if you close the dialog. Therefore, you can navigate to various flowcharts while still being able to access the existing search results. The results remain until you click Clear results in the dialog box or perform another search.