Validating flowcharts

When you validate a flowchart, each process is checked for errors. Each error that is found displays in succession so you can view and correct each one. A best practice is to run validation on flowcharts before you do a production run. This is especially important if you are running scheduled flowcharts; using batch mode; or you are not planning to actively monitor the run.

About this task

Use the Validate flowchart feature to check the validity of a flowchart before you do a production run. Validation performs the following checks for a flowchart:
  • Processes in the flowchart are configured.
  • Cell codes are unique in the flowchart, if the AllowDuplicateCellCodes configuration parameter is set to No. If this parameter is set to Yes, duplicate cell codes in flowcharts are allowed.
  • Cell names are unique in the flowchart.
  • Offers and offer lists that are referenced by contact processes are valid (have not been retired or deleted). Offer lists that are referenced but are empty generate warnings, not errors.
  • Cells that were linked to a top-down entry from the target cell spreadsheet are still connected.

The validation tool reports the first error found in the flowchart. You might need to run the validation tool several times in succession (after correcting each displayed error) to ensure that you have fixed all errors.


  1. On a flowchart page in Edit mode, open the Run menu Arrow and select Validate flowchart.

    Unica Campaign checks your flowchart.

  2. If errors exist, a message displays the first error that was found. As you correct each error and rerun the validation, any remaining errors display successively.