Packaging flowchart files for troubleshooting

If you need help from HCL to troubleshoot a flowchart, you can automatically collect relevant data to send to the Technical Support.

Before you begin

Only a user with permissions to edit or run a flowchart can perform this procedure. If you do not have "View logs" permission, you cannot select the log-related entries in the selection window.

About this task

Perform this task to package flowchart data files so you can send them to the Technical Support. You can specify which items to include and indicate date ranges to limit data. The data is written to the folder you choose, and the contents can be compressed and sent to the Technical Support.


  1. Open a flowchart in Edit mode.
  2. Select Admin > Collect flowchart data.
  3. In the Create Data Package for Troubleshooting window, type a name for the package or leave the default name.
    The package name will be used to create a subfolder in which the selected data items will be written.
  4. Click Browse and select the folder where the data package will be saved.
  5. Select the items that you want to include in the package or check Select default items to select all data that is commonly required. Some items, when selected, may allow additional information to be entered.

    For more information, see Options for packaging flowchart data.

  6. Click OK to create the package.
  7. Send the data package to Technical Support by email or use the method recommended by your support representative. Technical Support accepts uncompressed data (the entire package subdirectory), but you may optionally compress, encrypt, and package the files into a single file before sending them.


In addition to the data items you select, Unica Campaign creates a summary file that identifies:
  • Current date and time
  • Version and build numbers of the software
  • Your user name
  • The selections that you included in the package
  • Campaign name and ID
  • Flowchart name and ID