Troubleshooting runtime errors

Correctly configured processes are displayed in color (the specific color reflects the type of process). A gray process with its name in italics has a configuration error. To find out more information about the error, hold your mouse over the process to display a descriptive error message.

If a flowchart stops running due to an error, the processes that were running display a red X. Hold your mouse over the process to see an error message.

Note: If Unica Campaign is configured so that system tables are stored in a database, you are not viewing the flowchart, and the run stops due to a database connection failure, the processes will not display a red X. Instead, the flowchart appears as it did when it was last saved.

You should also consult the log file for system error information and review the Analysis and Performance/Profitability reports for the Unica Campaign to see that the results are what you expected.