Doing a test run of a process, branch, or flowchart

Conduct test runs as you build a flowchart so that you can troubleshoot errors as they occur. You can then view a report of any errors in the flowchart.

Before you begin

Always save an edited flowchart before you do a test run. When you do a test run, be aware of the following:
  • Test runs do not update any tables or files. However, triggers run on completion of test runs and global suppression is applied.
  • The option Advanced settings > Test run settings > Enable output determines whether output is generated during test runs.
  • When you test run a data manipulation process (Select, Merge, Extract, Audience), you can limit the number of records. Use the Limit output cell size option on the Cell Size Limit tab in the process configuration dialog.
  • Results from a previous test run are lost.
  • If a process requires data from an upstream process, you might have to run the upstream process first so that its data is available to the downstream process.


  1. Open a flowchart in Edit mode.
  2. To test run a process or branch, right-click a process, open the Run menu Arrow and select Test run selected process or Test run selected branch.
  3. To test run blue process boxes only, open the Run menu in the toolbar and select Test run blue process boxes only. When we choose Test run blue process boxes, all data manipulation processes (Blue Process Boxes) run in test mode, stop when any Red Process Boxes are detected, and the Blue Process Boxes that follow the Red Process Box will not be run.
  4. To test run the entire flowchart, open the Run menu Arrow in the toolbar and select Test run flowchart.

    The process, branch, or flowchart runs in test mode. Each process that runs successfully displays a green check mark. If there are errors, the process displays a red "X".

  5. If you want to pause or stop the run, right-click a process box and select Pause or Stop from the Run menu.
  6. Use one of the Save options in the toolbar. If you click Save and exit before the flowchart finishes the test run, the flowchart continues to run and is saved when it finishes. If anyone reopens the flowchart while it is still running, any changes made to the flowchart are lost. For this reason, always save a flowchart before you run it.
  7. To determine if there were any errors in the run, click the Analysis tab and view the Campaign flowchart status summary report.