Referencing cells from another sheet

To avoid maintaining the same data on more than one sheet, you can link cell values on different sheets by using a reference.

About this task

In cell A1 of Sheet 2, as an example, you can enter a formula, such as =Sheet1!A1, that links that cell to cell A1 on Sheet 1. The next time you go to cell A1 on Sheet 2, you see the contents of cell A1 on Sheet 1, instead of the formula.


  1. Click the cell where you want to add a reference to a cell on another sheet.
  2. Enter a formula for the cell that you are referencing.

What to do next

Note: In formulas, you can also reference a range of cells on the same sheet or a different sheet by dragging to select the range and pressing Enter. The range address is automatically added to the formula.