Using instant filters

Instant filters insert a combination box control on a data column so that you can select the records (rows) to be displayed.


  1. Select the column or range of cells that contains the value or string that you want to set as the filter criteria.
  2. Select Data > Instant Filter.
    An arrow button is added to the first cell of the column or range.
  3. Click the arrow button.
    A panel that includes all the filter criteria is displayed.
  4. Select the criteria for data that you want to appear. Data that matches criteria with a check mark will appear in the spreadsheet and data that matches criteria without a check mark will be hidden.
  5. Click OK.
  6. To create a custom filter, click Custom Filter....
  7. Select conditions from the drop-down menu, enter their corresponding values, and click OK. Data matching the custom criteria is displayed in the spreadsheet.
  8. You can also sort the filtered column by clicking Sort Ascending or Sort Descending at the beginning of the filter list.
    Note: You can filter only one range of cells in a sheet. If you select another range of cells to filter, the previous range filter will be deleted.