Working with templates

Reuse the style or content of an activity or an entry by creating templates.

About this task

You can use an activity template to capture the required steps, contacts, resources, and tools used to complete a common process. After you create the template, you can create multiple activities from it for each project that uses the process.

You can use an entry template to capture a set of fields that comprise a custom entry. After you create the entry template, you can create multiple entries from it.


  • To start an activity from a template, click Start an activity and select Pick an Activity Template. To create an entry from a template, click Add From Entry Template and select the template to use.
  • To create an activity template from an existing activity, click Activity Actions > Copy as New Template. To create an entry template from an existing entry or to-do item, click More Actions > Save as Entry Template from the details view of the entry.
  • If you are using the stand-alone Activities, you can create a new template without first starting an activity. Click Activity Templates > Start a New Template.