Adding activity content

Add information to your activity by creating entries. Create and assign tasks by adding to-do items. Associate resources with your activity by attaching or linking to files. By adding content to an activity, you create a space for your project to share information, assign tasks, and share resources like websites and files.

Use entries to add content to the activity. For example, use an entry to attach a file, link to a file, or add a bookmark to a site. You can also add custom fields to entries. Like activities, entries can be created from scratch or from a previously saved entry template. When you create an entry, the description text and tags become searchable. By default, entries in an activity are shared with all members of that activity. You can hide an entry from other members by marking it private. You must be an author or an owner of the activity to add entries to it.

Use to-do items to track the tasks that your team must complete to meet the goal of the activity. You can assign a to-do item to an activity member, attach a file, link to a file, or add a bookmark to a site. You can also add custom fields to a to-do item and give it a due date. Use the To Do List tab to see a list of your to-do items, including activities that are created as part of a community.

Respond to entries and to-do items by clicking More to view entry or to-do item details. Select Add a comment or Add To Do Item.
Note: You can use @mentions to share your comment directly with other people. @mention is a post that contains @username anywhere in the comment. The people that you mention are notified of your comment, even if they are not following you. You can also use @mentions in entries and tasks.

@mentions are also supported for content (that is, CKEditor input) in Entries and To Dos.

Click More to display entry or to-do item details. Edit an entry or to-do item by clicking More > Edit. Click More > More Actions to display a list of actions you can take on each entry or to-do item. From More Actions you can do the following:
  • Link to the entry or to-do item.
  • Copy, move, or delete the entry or to-do item.
  • Save entry or to-do item as a template.
  • Convert an entry into a to-do item.

By default, your work is automatically saved every 5 minutes unless the administrator changes the interval. If you leave an entry in an unsaved state and close your browser or your session times out, you get a notification at your next login. From the notification message, you can click View to open the entry and resume work on it or Discard to delete the entry. If no action is taken on the unsaved entry, the message displays again the next time the you log in.