Working with activities

You can edit an activity and its entries or organize its content by creating sections. Prioritizing activities makes it easier to find the activities that are important to you. Tuning out of activities prevents the activity from displaying in your view. When an activity goal is reached, you can complete that activity.

About this task

After the activity goal is reached, click Mark Activity Complete from the title bar. This action does not delete the activity; the completed activity continues to be available from the Completed view. After you mark an activity complete, members no longer see it listed among their activities. You can restore a completed activity from the Completed view by clicking Restore Activity from within the completed activity.

By default, activities that are not active after 90 days are marked complete automatically. A notification is sent to the activity owners before this event occurs to tell them that the activity will be marked complete if they do not use it. The inactivity period of 90 days is a value that the administrator can change.

You can delete an activity to move it to the Trash view. Delete an activity only if you do not want to retain any of the information in the activity. You can restore activities from the Trash view, but only until the trash is emptied. Your administrator determines the frequency with which the trash is emptied.
Note: Activities that are created with the Activities app and shared with a Community are not deleted when a Community is deleted. The Activity is retained outside the Community and only the share with the Community is deleted. However, Activities that you create within a Community with the Activity app is tied uniquely to the community and its members. When the community is deleted the associated Activity is also deleted.