Activities overview

The Activities app is available either as a stand alone app or as an app in Communities. Activities help your team interact in an online location where ideas about a project and project resources are created, collected, and shared. Add entries and to-dos to the activity to capture required tasks and store associated files. Use sections to organize your activity entries and to-dos.

Examples of projects that you might track with an activity include:
  • Driving a sales process to a close
  • Preparing for an important meeting
  • Writing a report for a client
  • Hiring a new employee

All activities are available from the Activities view, including activities that are created as part of a community. Activities that are created as part of a community are denoted in the view by the text Community Activity.

Activities are listed under the Community Activities filter on the main pane of the Overview page. Stand alone activities are listed under the My Activities filter. My Activities are activities that are active and that you belong to, these are activities that either:
  • You created
  • You were added to as a member
  • Are part of a community that you belong to
My activities does not include public activities, activities that you tuned out, or completed activities.
Note: Your administrator must enable the Community activities and My activities filters before you can use them.

Activities can have the following status:

Activity view Description
Completed Activities that have been completed or have not been updated for some time. To return an activity that you own to the My Activities view, click More > Restore.
Tuned out Activities you are no longer interested in and have tuned out. You are still a member of these activities, and still receive update notifications, but these are not displayed in My Activities view.
Public Activities that have been shared with everyone. These activities are not displayed in My Activities.
Completed to-dos Lists all completed to-do items for all of your activities. This list includes to-do items that you created or were assigned to you, as well as to-do items that were created by or assigned to others.
Incomplete to-dos Lists all incomplete to-do items for all your activities. This list includes to-do items that you created or were assigned to you as well as to-do items that were created by or assigned to others.

When you create an activity as part of a community, the activity members are restricted to those people that are members of the community. The community activity can contain a subset of the community members. The public status of a community activity is determined by the community to which it belongs. If the community is public or moderated, all of its associated activities are public. If the community is private, all of its associated activities are private.

To make it easier to find the activities that are most important to you, assign those activities a priority. Remove an activity from your view by tuning it out. You can make a copy of an activity or export an activity to a CSV file. Save an activity as a template and use that template to create new activities.

You can create content directly in an activity, or download extensions from the IBM® Collaboration Solutions Catalog page. Downloading the extension adds content to the tools you already use. For example, email messages, IBM Sametime® chats, and word-processing documents.