Searching activities

Search for activities that you are a member of and the corresponding entries. Some fields that contain the text string are not found when you perform a full text search on your activities and entries.

The search includes public and completed activities. Search results do not include private entries or those entries or activities in the trash.

A full text search can find a string in the following places:
  • a title
  • a uniform resource identifier (URI) of a file
  • a bookmark URI
  • a bookmark title
  • a text field
  • an activity goal
  • an entry description
  • a field label
  • file attachments
The following limitations apply when you are performing a full text search:
  • Search does not find tags or dates.
    Tip: To find activities or entries that use a certain tag, click the tag from the Tags list or cloud.
  • Search does not find names in name fields.
  • Search does not support the use of wildcard characters.
  • Search text is not case-sensitive.