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Work with Profiles as an external user

After you accept an invitation to join an IBM® Connections community or an IBM Connections user shares a file with you, then you become an external user. As an external user, you have access to limited features in Profiles. As an external user, you can do the following things:
  • Edit your profile to update your personal information, including your contact details, tags, and links to other sites. Add other information about yourself in About me, upload a photo, or add a recording of how to pronounce your name.
  • View other user's business cards. From a business card, you can send an email or download the vcard.

If you are an external user, content that you create or have access to is identified by the external user icon external user icon. The icon is applied to restricted communities that you are a member of, and files or content that is created by you or that is shared with you.

As an external user, the only way that you can access your profile is by clicking your picture and selecting My Profile. In addition, you cannot see public events or be part of a network. Because external users do not have a wall, you cannot receive messages from other users.

See What can I do in IBM Connections as an external user? for a list of which applications external users have access to.