Updating members

Add or remove members from your activity. Members can be added either when you create an activity or after the activity starts. Update member roles to determine what changes an activity member can make. The roles available depend on whether you are updating a stand-alone activity or a Community activity.

Updating a stand-alone activity

There are different types of stand-alone activities: Private, Public (Read Only), and Public. If the activity is private, then you must be a member to see or access the activity. By default, new activities are private and the person who creates the activity is automatically assigned to the owner role. Public activities can be accessed by anyone who has access to the Activities server. To make a stand-alone activity public, open the activity, select Members, expand the Access list and click (Change) next to the currently selected access level in the Access section.

It is possible for a person to be added as an activity member and be member of a group that already has access to the activity. If so, the role that is assigned when the member is added by name supersedes the role that is inherited from the group. For example, Mary is added to an activity and assigned author role. Mary is also part of a group that is a member of that activity. The group is assigned a reader role. Mary retains the access that is granted to authors.

It is also possible for a person to be a member of two groups, which are also members of an activity. These groups might be assigned different roles. In this case, the person inherits the role with the higher level of access. For example, an activity contains Group Authors, assigned the author role, and Group Readers, assigned the reader role. If John is a member of both groups, then John is given author access to the activity.