Upgrade Changes

This section outlines changes that may need to be applied to ICXT components during an upgrade from earlier versions of ICXT.

Upgrade from v4.0.x or earlier

Database schemas have been extended and need to be updated

The schema (particularly attribute length) of certain tables/fields has been updated to accomodate extended functionality. This leads to issues when attempting to use certain functionality (e.g. Move and Merge) in newer versions of ICXT.


The ICXT installation archive contains fix-up scripts (db-setup/icxt-fixup1_DB2.ddl and db-setup/icxt-fixup1_Oracle.ddl) that can be applied to existing database setups in order to update the respective schemas.

Alternatively, the existing databases could also be deleted and then recreated based on the instructions in ICXT Setup Preparations - Database and the latest provided db scripts. Note ICXT almost exclusively stores transient data that is not critical and can be removed. However, some information stored for features (like scheduled backup) would be affected and cleaned up/lost as well.

Upgrade from v4.1.x or earlier

Clean up PDF Export module

Since ICXT version 4.2 the PDF Export module application needs to be removed from the WebSphere server as the functionality has moved to the core component. For more details, see Deprecation - Clean up PDF Export module.