System requirements

Core: Infrastructure

  • Supported Connections versions: v4.5, v5.0, v5.5, v6.0, v6.5
  • Supported Connections database: IBM DB2, ORACLE (12c)
  • Supported operating systems: Linux (RHEL), AIX (7.x), Microsoft Windows
  • For running the ICXT applications: A separate logical ApplicationServer (we prefer to use a cluster with a single server) on an existing node within the Connections Cell
  • If WebSEAL is in place: a junction for the route (/ic360/** -> GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE)
  • JVM heap: 1024MB
  • Disk space: <100MB (installation binaries)
  • ICXT databases: a RDBMS (e.g. DB2, ORACLE or MySQL) to store configurations

Core: Functional

  • A technical admin user that has the roles and rights of a Connections Admin user (e.g.: admin, search-admin, community-admin) and a valid mail address
  • A technical admin user that has got the administrative role for operating the WebSphere cell (e.g.: wasadmin)

Core: Installation

Module UserManagement

  • Supported directories: IBM Directory Server, IBM Domino LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory
  • A LDAP bind user that has read rights on the directory that is used for profile synchronization
  • Access to the Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) solution configuration for retrieving the field mappings (uid, guid, email, displayName, sourceUid, loginId)

Module BackupStore

  • JVM heap: 2024MB (may more - depends on the traffic or the use case)
  • Disk space: XX GBs (depends on the size of the stored Connections data)

Module PDFExport