Module overview


The module BackupStore provides following features:

  • Ability to backup and restore Connections contents, such as Communities (Including Subcommunities), Wikis, Blogs, Forum, File libraries and Activities
  • The backup contains a full representation of the content item:
    • XML + Binaries backup
  • Transform standalone apps like Blogs, Wikis or Forums to a Community
  • Compare multiple apps of the same type on content level, and merge / move content between them
  • Ability to download a backup as a ZIP archive
  • CCM Support:
    • Ability to download CCM-Library content as ZIP
    • Ability to re-assign CCM-Lib during Community restore


The module UserManagement provides following features:

  • Manage owners and members of standalone Communities, Wikis and Activities
  • Manage Profiles (including a compare view)
    • Inactivate, Swap, Activate, Sync, Merge Profiles
    • Cleanup (Identify duplicates)
  • Manage external Users
    • Convert external users to internal
    • Assign role employee.extend to users
  • Transfer personal files that are shared with a community to the Community

Note: For enabling all features, the LDAP must be accessible (read-only). A custom LDAP Connector must be implemented, if the Profile fields PROF_GUID, PROF_UID, PROF_SOURCE_UID, PROF_MAIL, PROF_DISPLAYNAME can not be mapped by the out-of-the-box implementation (effort: max 1 person day).


  • Fix broken URLs throughout all Connections content - on item, app or global scope
  • Find all occurrences of an fully qualified URL, or just words, protocol types or domain names within this URL
  • View results on an item and app base with a direct reference to the Connections item for easy Cross-Checking


  • View and download/export Connections content like Wikis, Forums, Blogs or Activities as PDF
  • Decide on the content of the print (Table of Contents, Summaries, Authors, Modify Dates, Comments, Tags)
  • Design templates that alter the header, footer, wording and general styling of your print
  • Select the template from a menu and directly apply them to your printed objects (e.g. use different templates for Customer, Confidential, Department branding based on the situation)