Configuring HCL Commerce to use IBM MQ

To configure HCL Commerce to use IBM MQ, you must enable the transport adapter and then activate the IBM MQ transport.


  1. Enable the transport adapter.
    HCL Commerce Version or laterNote: This step is automated in deployments of HCL Commerce and greater, and can be skipped.
    1. Open the configuration file.
    2. Search for the TransportAdapter component class and set the value for the enable attribute to true:
      <component compClassName="" 
    3. Save and close the file.
  2. Activate the IBM MQ transport.
    1. Open the HCL Commerce Administration Console.
    2. Expand Configuration > Transports.
    3. Select IBM MQ, and click Change Status.
      The status is changed from inactive to active.
    4. Select IBM MQ, and click Configure.
    5. Change the value of Inbound Queue to JMSSerialInboundQueue, as created in Creating IBM MQ messaging provider queue destinations.