Verifying your HCL Commerce Developer installation

To verify your installation, ensure that you can browse the sample Aurora starter store and that you can access business user tools.


  1. Verify that the following folders were created. These folders are the home directories of the servers.
    • Transaction server home: WCDE_installdir/wasprofile
    • Store server home: Liberty_installdir/usr/servers/crsServer
    • Search server home : Liberty_installdir/usr/servers/searchServer
    • Customization server home: Liberty_installdir/usr/servers/commerceueServer
  2. Run the WCDE_installdir/bin/startWCserver.bat utility to start the servers.
  3. Build the search index for the Aurora sample store.

    For information about how to build index, see Building the HCL Commerce Search index.

  4. Refresh the workspace and republish the store server.
    1. Open HCL Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
    2. In the Explorer view, select all projects and select File > Refresh (or the F5 keyboard shortcut) to refresh the projects in the workspace.
    3. Open your servers window by clicking Window > Show View > Other > Servers.
    4. Right-click your store server, and click Publish.
  5. If you loaded sample data to your database, ensure that the Aurora sample starter store loads properly:
    • For the Aurora sample store: https://hostname:8443/wcs/shop/en/auroraesite
    • For the Aurora B2B store: https://hostname:8443/wcs/shop/en/aurorab2besite
  6. Ensure that you can log on to the Management Center and then launch Store preview.


What to do next

  • If you can access all URLs, then your development environment was set up properly. It is recommended that you create a snapshot of your environment if you are using a virtual machine.
  • Publish a custom store.