HCL Commerce Version or later

Adding certificates to your HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment trust store

When integrating HCL Commerce with an external system, it is required to add the third party certificates to the HCL Commerce trust store. This allows HCL Commerce to make HTTPS requests to an external system.

  • The root certificate authority (CA) certificates that are included in the Java Runtime Edition cacerts file are already bundled within the default trust store in HCL Commerce Developer
  • The trust store for the Developer Legacy environment is updated with each version upgrade, including fix packs. The updateTrustStore.bat utility script is invoked automatically during the upgrade. To avoid missing certificates, keep all third party certificates in the WCDE_installdir\setup\certs\trust_certs\ directory. Otherwise, you must manually run the utility to update to your certificates if certificates are unintentionally removed between versions, or when new certificates are required to be imported.


  1. Obtain the trust certificate or certificates in the expected format.
    Certificates must be in Privacy-Enhanced Mail (.pem) format, in the base64 encoded X.509 standard.
  2. Copy the certificates files into the WCDE_installdir\setup\certs\trust_certs\ directory.
  3. Run the updateTrustStore.bat utility script to import the certificates into the environment trust store.
    1. In a command prompt, navigate to the WCDE_installdir\bin\ directory.
    2. Run updateTrustStore.bat.


Your HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment trust store is now updated to include all third party certificates that are included in the WCDE_installdir\setup\certs\trust_certs\ directory. Secure communication with third parties can now be established with these certificates from your HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment.