Setting up the HCL Commerce Developer React Store environment

HCL Commerce provides a standalone HCL Commerce Developer React Store environment. This environment uses the React Store Software Development Kit (SDK) with reference Single Page Application (SPA) Stores that are based on the Node.js react-app. The HCL Commerce Developer React Store environment is completely independent of the HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment.

Note: If you are using an Aurora-based storefront, use the HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment to develop your store.
The Store SDK provides the following features to help front end developers to develop the React Store application UI.
  • A standalone Store SDK environment that is based on Node.js react-app.
  • A node web server to serve the store.
  • A mock API server to simulate responses from back end REST APIs.
  • A build for the internal node server (npm install).
  • A build for static files deployable to the store-web web server (npm run build).
  • Reference Store application that you can use to develop your own React Store applications.

Before you begin

  • Before installing HCL Commerce Developer software, ensure that your HCL Commerce development environment meets the hardware and software requirements.
  • The Store SDK requires the following prerequisites before you can use it to develop your custom React Store application:
    • Any operating system that supports a Node.js environment. For example, Windows, MacOS, Linux.
    • Node.js and npm.
    • Any web development IDE of your choice.
    • Chrome, FireFox, or Safari browsers. You can also use Edge and IE with the required extensions.
    • Git to manage the project.


  1. Obtain the HCL Commerce Developer React Store environment Store SDK.
    1. Review Obtaining HCL Commerce Developer software and Review the list of the latest available download packages to ensure that you are obtaining the most up-to-date version of HCL Commerce software.
    2. Download and extract the latest version of the Store SDK to obtain the HCL_Commerce_Store_9.1.x.x.bundle Git bundle.
  2. Clone the project in Git from the Git bundle.
    Run the following command:
    git clone bundleName projectName
    The filename of the bundle you are cloning.
    The name of the git project that you are creating.
    Note: If you do not set the configuration core.longpaths=true you can encounter the following error when you run the git clone command: Unable to create file <filename>: Filename too long.
    For example:
    git clone HCL_Commerce_Store_9.1.0.0.bundle HCL_Commerce_Store
  3. Follow the instructions within the file contained in the root directory of the project.


The Store SDK is installed and configured.

What to do next