Default port numbers

Review this information for the default port numbers that are used by HCL Commerce services or the component products.

The ports that are listed are defaults only. The actual port numbers that are used when you create your profile might be different. Ensure that the ports listed are not in use when you create an HCL Commerce instance. If you have a firewall that is configured in your system, ensure that you can access these ports.

For port numbers required by non-HCL software, see the documentation for the non-HCL software package.

To change a port, see Changing the ports used for HCL Commerce tools.
HCL Commerce DeveloperNote: Changing ports on HCL Commerce Developer is not recommended and is not supported. HCL Commerce Developer has its own integrated HTTP service and if you change port numbers, you might encounter some unpredicted issues on the storefront.
The port numbers that are listed are required by the containers that are provided with HCL Commerce.
Component Port Protocol Usage
ts-app 5443 HTTPS Transaction service.
ts-app 5080 HTTP Transaction service.
ts-app 9443 HTTPS WebSphere Application Server administrative console secure port.
ts-app 9060 HTTP WebSphere Application Server administrative console secure port.
ts-web 8000 HTTPS Management Center for HCL Commerce.
ts-web 8001 HTTPS Commerce Accelerator.
ts-web 8002 HTTPS Administration Console.
ts-web 8003 HTTPS Organization Administration Console.
tooling-web 7443 HTTPS Tooling service.
store-web 6443 HTTPS React-based store service.
search-app 3737 HTTP Search service.
search-app 3738 HTTPS Search service.
search-ingest-app 30800 HTTP Elasticsearch ingest service.
search-ingest-app 30801 HTTPS Elasticsearch ingest service.
search-query-app 30920 HTTP Elasticsearch query service.
search-query-app 30921 HTTPS Elasticsearch query service.
search-query-app 30901 HTTPS Elasticsearch query service.
search-nifi-app 30600 HTTP Elasticsearch nifi service.
search-nifi-app 30606 HTTP Elasticsearch nifi internal service communication.
search-nifi-app 30700 HTTP Elasticsearch nifi port for ingest.
crs-app 8443 HTTPS Store service and Store preview service.
crs-app 8080 HTTP Front page store service, which redirects to HTTPS.
xc-app 9443 HTTPS User extension service.
xc-app 9060 HTTP User extension service.
  • All internal component communication uses HTTPS protocol.
  • REST services for each component support HTTP and HTTPS.