Changing the ports used for HCL Commerce tools

You can change the ports used by the HCL Commerce tools: HCL Commerce Accelerator, Management Center Administration Console, Organization Administration Console and the Store Preview port.

HCL Commerce DeveloperNote: Changing ports on HCL Commerce Developer is not recommended and is not supported. HCL Commerce Developer has its own integrated HTTP service and if you change port numbers, you might encounter some unpredicted issues on the storefront.


  1. Open the configuration file.
  2. Search for the <WebServer> element.
  3. Change the port values in fields listed in the following table, depending on which ports you want to change:
    HCL Commerce tool Field Default port
    HCL Commerce Accelerator ToolsPort 8001
    Management Center ToolsPort 8000
    Administration Console AdminPort 8002
    Organization Administration Console OrgAdminPort 8004
    HCL Commerce Preview PreviewPort 8006
    HCL Commerce Preview NonSSLPreviewPort 8007
  4. Save and close the file.