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Downloading the HCL Commerce Next.js Store SDK

HCL Commerce provides a standalone Next.js Store SDK that is based on the Next.js framework. The Store SDK is completely independent of the HCL Commerce toolkit.

Before you begin

The Next.js Store SDK requires the following prerequisites before you can use it to develop your custom Next.js store application:

  • Any operating system that supports a Node.js environment. For example, Windows, MacOS, Linux.
  • Node.js and npm.
  • Any web development IDE of your choice.
  • Chrome, FireFox, or Safari browsers. You can also use Edge and IE with the required extensions.
  • Git to manage the project.

About this task

You can download the Next.js Store SDK as a project from the HCL Software License & Delivery site. This ensures that only end customers have access to the Next.js Store SDK. After you download the project, you can manage it in Git.

The HCL Software License & Delivery is the site for managing Software Licenses and providing you with Software Downloads. If you have not registered for the site, see How to register to HCL Software portals.


To download the Next.js Store SDK, complete the following steps:

  1. Review the HCL Commerce eAssemblies.
  2. Go to the HCL Software License & Delivery site.
  3. Search for, download, and extract the latest version of the Store SDK.
    This package contains the HCL Commerce Enterprise V9.1.x.x _ Next.js Store SDK git-bundle.

What to do next

Install the Store SDK.

For installation and execution instructions, see the README.md file within the git-bundle.