HCL Commerce Version or later

Enabling Marketplace in the HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment

Marketplace is a new store feature introduced in HCL Commerce Due to the fact that this feature is still early in development, and not ready for a full production setting, the early implementation of Marketplace is not enabled in HCL Commerce Developer by default. Enable Marketplace to preview its usage within your HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment.For more information on Marketplace, see Marketplace.


  1. If running, stop the HCL Commerce Developer Transaction server.
  2. Create a backup of the Rest-Transaction.war file.
    The file is located in the WCDE_installdir\workspace\WC\ directory.

    For example, create a copy of the file and name it Rest-Transaction.war.original.

  3. Update your Rest-Transaction.war file to enable Marketplace.
    1. Extract the contents of the Rest-Transaction.war archive file.
    2. Within the extracted files, navigate into the WEB-INF\config\admin\v2\ directory.
    3. Copy marketplace-preview-features.properties to preview-features.properties.
    4. Re-create the Rest-Transaction.war archive.
      Use zip, 7zip, or another archive utility.
      Important: Ensure that you do not accidentally create a new top level directory within the archive when re-archiving the contents. The directory structure of your created archive must match the original archive.
  4. Start the HCL Commerce Developer Transaction server.


Marketplace can now be previewed in your HCL Commerce Developer Legacy environment.