Preparing an IBM Db2 database for use with HCL Commerce

You need to use a script to prepare an IBM Db2 Database for use with HCL Commerce.

Before you begin


  1. If you are using a remote IBM Db2 server, transfer the WCDE_installdir/bin/create_database_db2.bat/sh script to your remote IBM Db2 server into a directory that a database administrator can access.
    Note: The create_database_db2.sh script is for IBM Db2 on Linux and the create_database_db2.bat script is for IBM Db2 on Windows.
  2. Linux Add execute permissions to be able to run the script.
    chmod +x create_database_db2.sh
  3. Log on as a system administrator or database administrator.
  4. Open a command line interface.
    WindowsNote: Open the IBM Db2 command line processor (db2cmd.exe). If the command line processor automatically displays the db2> prompt, enter quit to exit.
  5. Go to the create_database_db2 script.
  6. Run the script to create a database.
    • Linux
      ./create_database_db2.sh <dbName> <dbaUser> <dbaPassword> <dbUser> 
    • Windows
      create_database_db2.bat <dbName> <dbaUser> <dbaPassword> <dbUser> 
    The name of the database that you want to create.
    The database administrator.
    The database administrator password.
    The name of a database user.
    For example,
    ./create_database_db2.sh mall db2admin passw0rd wcs
    Note: If you need to troubleshoot any issues, the log file createdb.db2.log is created in the same directory as the script file.
  7. Back up the database.
    For more information about how to back up, see BACKUP DATABASE COMMAND.

What to do next

Configure the development environment to use a IBM Db2 by following the steps in Changing the development database type by using the setdbtype command.