CDFGenerator utility

For proper product and content classification, requires a Category Definition File (CDF). When you run the CDFGenerator utility, it generates a CSV file in the IBM Digital Analytics defined CDF format. The CDFGenerator is the command-line utility that generates the product data as a CSV file.

cdfgenerator utility syntax diagram. See the list that is called Parameter values for the applicable parameters.

Utility command

The CDFGenerator utility has the following file name:


Parameter values

This is the database type, DB2 or Oracle.
  • Name of the target database.
  • DB2Name of the user that is connecting to the database.
  • Password for the user that is connecting to the database.
The client ID assigned by IBM Digital Analytics.
The ID of the language to use (from the LANGUAGE_ID column in the LANGUAGE table).
The ID of the catalog to use (from the CATALOG_ID column in the CATALOG table).
Note: If the catalogid value you specify is for a sales catalog, there might be more than one record in the CDF file with the same category ID. In a sales catalog, a unique category ID can have multiple parent categories, as shown in the last two lines of this CDF file excerpt:
99999999,123,MENS SALE,101 
99999999,123,MENS SALE,102

In the CDF file, however, a unique category ID can have only one parent category. When you upload a CDF file that contains records with duplicate category IDs, Digital Analytics will issue warnings and reject the additional duplicate records. You have three options:

  • Ignore the warnings from Digital Analytics; the additional duplicate records will be rejected by Digital Analytics automatically.
  • Remove the additional duplicate records manually from the CDF file before uploading.
  • Consult Digital Analytics for other implementation alternatives.
Name of the file in which to save the output. You can specify either a full path, or a relative path by using this parameter if you would like to save the file to a different directory.


The following examples command generates a CDF file to send to IBM Digital Analytics.

  • DB2cm_cdfgen.bat -dbtype DB2 -dbname mall -dbuser wcsuser -dbpw passw0rd -clientid 12345 -langid -1 -catalogid 10001 -output catalogCDF.csv
  • Oraclecm_cdfgen.bat -dbtype oracle -dbname oracle_hostname:port:orcl -dbuser wcsuser -dbpw passw0rd -clientid 12345 -langid -1 -catalogid 10001 -output catalogCDF.csv