Auto tagging utility

The Auto tagging utility automates the process of tagging the store JSP files with analytics tags. This utility makes tagging the site much easier and also reduces the implementation time. With this utility, the JSP files are only tagged with the tag named pageview and not any other tag. This utility scans the HCL Commerce web pages and adds the tags. The utility also creates backup copies of the JSP files that it updates to facilitate removing the changes.


Auto tagging utility syntax diagram. Parameters are described in the following list.


The fully qualified path to the directory where the JSP files are located.
Note: The utility does not recursively scan the specified directory. Do not use this parameter if you use the include parameter.
The fully qualified path to a text file. The text file lists the fully qualified path to JSP files to update. List each file name on a separate line.
Note: Do not use this parameter if you use the dir parameter.
Optional: Specifies the fully qualified path and log file name. If no path or file name are specified, the default location and file name is as follows:
  • WCDE_installdir\bin\AutoTag.log

If you specify a file name, but no path, it is placed in the current directory:

  • WCDE_installdir\Coremetrics\bin
Optional: Specifies the fully qualified path where the backup JSP files are located. If no directory, is specified the default location is as follows:
  • WCDE_installdir\bin\Coremetrics\autotagbackup


  • autoTag.bat -include "\tmp\List.txt" -log "\tmp\AutoTag.log" -backupdir "\tmp\WebSphere"