Creating an e-Marketing Spot

Create an e-Marketing Spot to reserve an area on a store web page to display marketing information to customers. You can then create web activities to specify what to display in the e-Marketing Spot.

Before you begin

This task creates the e-Marketing Spot in the Management Center database so that you can work with it in Management Center.

Prerequisites for creating e-Marketing Spots

If Then
The e-Marketing Spot is on a store page Before you complete this procedure, a store developer must:
  • Create a JSP file for the e-Marketing Spot by using the sample e-Marketing Spot JSP code snippet.
  • Add the e-Marketing Spot to a store page.
Ask the developer for the following information about the JSP file for the e-Marketing Spot:
  • The name of the e-Marketing Spot as defined in the JSP file, that is, the value for the emsName parameter.
  • The types of marketing information that the e-Marketing Spot can display as defined in the JSP file. Data types can be:
    • Content
    • Categories
    • Catalog entries
The e-Marketing Spot is being used exclusively as a remote widget A store developer does not need to create the JSP file for the e-Marketing Spot and add it to a store page.
The e-Marketing Spot is for an E-Marketing Spot widget in the Commerce Composer tool. A store developer does not need to create the JSP file for the e-Marketing Spot and add it to a store page.
  • For a common e-Marketing Spot, you can give the e-Marketing Spot any name you want.
  • For a page-specific e-Marketing Spot, you must used the generated name for the e-Marketing Spot. For each page to which the layout is assigned, the generated e-Marketing Spot name uses this format:
  • [page_name][suffix], for example, ElectronicsRow1Ad.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the right side of Create New Create New; then select E-Marketing Spot.
    The New e-Marketing Spot page displays.
  3. Enter the following e-Marketing Spot properties:
    Name Enter the name of the e-Marketing Spot. This name must match exactly (including case) the value of the emsName parameter in the JSP file for this e-Marketing Spot. This name displays in the Management Center and when you are viewing the name of e-Marketing Spots in a store preview.
    Description Enter a meaningful description. This description displays in the e-Marketing Spots - List page, and it should explain the location and purpose of the e-Marketing Spot.
    Displays content

    Displays categories

    Displays catalog entries

    Select the check box that describes the type of marketing information that this e-Marketing Spot displays. These check boxes are for informational purposes.

    If this e-Marketing Spot displays merchandising associations, then the corresponding check box is Displays catalog entries.

    Check with a store developer to determine which check boxes to select, according to how the JSP file for the e-Marketing Spot is coded.

    Has a widget Select this check box if this e-Marketing Spot has a remote widget. That is, a portable version of the e-Marketing Spot that can be embedded on remote sites.
    Default title content

    Specify marketing content that is to display to customers as a title for this e-Marketing Spot. You can specify any marketing content as title content. This title can be used to identify the advertising or promotion in an e-Marketing Spot to customers.

    This default title is displayed only when the e-Marketing Spot displays data, either from a web activity or from e-Marketing Spot default content.

    Tip: For any web activity, you can override the default title by using the E-Marketing Spot Title action in the web activity.

    WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIf you are working in an extended site store, you can override the default title content that is inherited from your asset store. Two default title grids display; one for your asset store and one for your extended site store. If you have access to only your extended site store, you can add content to the default title grid for only your store. If you have access to your asset store, you can add content to both the asset store and your extended site store. Only inherited asset store content can be added as default title content for your asset store. If you specify content at the extended site store level, all asset store default title content is overridden.

    Default content Specify what to display in this e-Marketing Spot:
    • When there are no web activities currently running in this e-Marketing Spot.
    • When the customer is viewing the page is not targeted by the web activities that are currently running in this e-Marketing Spot.
    • When IBM Product Recommendations, formerly known as Coremetrics Intelligent Offer, does not return any recommendations to the e-Marketing Spot for the customer is viewing the page. This applies only to e-Marketing Spot that run web activities that use the Display IBM Product Recommendations action.

    You can specify one or more catalog entries, categories, and content as the default content to display. Ensure that the JSP file for the e-Marketing Spot supports the data type and quantity.

  4. Click Save Save and then click Close.

What to do next

You can now create web activities to display marketing information in this e-Marketing Spot.