Planning to use Management Center

If you are using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, consider using Management Center to manage your store.

If you are... You can use the Management Center to... Use the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator to...
Managing catalogs and merchandise
  • Create and manage master and sales catalogs, including defining categories, creating products and SKUs, categorizing SKUs, and bundling SKUs
  • Enrich and manage product content, and create merchandising associations
  • Import catalog data from a CSV file
  • Import catalog data from an XML file
  • Search and replace across multiple catalog entries, such as changing the description of multiple products at once
  • Create and manage versions of sales catalog, categories, and catalog entries.
  • Create and manage product attributes
  • Assign tax codes

If your business requires these features, continue to use the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

Managing catalog filters
  • Create and manage catalog filters.
  • Assign catalog filters to contracts.
Managing promotions
  • Create and manage promotions for your merchandise
  • Review and manage promotions using the promotions calendar view
(not applicable)
Managing marketing campaigns
  • Design creative marketing campaigns that contain web, dialog, and email activities
  • Create experiments to test your campaign activities' effectiveness
  • Create and manage marketing content
  • Review and manage marketing activities using the activities calendar view
  • Create and manage e-Marketing Spots
  • Create and manage remote widgets for e-Marketing Spots
  • Create and manage customer segments
  • If Management Center is integrated with IBM Marketing Center, users can create marketing campaigns within IBM Marketing Center for WebSphere Commerce promotions. These campaigns can include promotion codes that are exported from Management Center.
Note: Campaigns and web activities that are created in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator are not displayed and are not searchable in the Management Center Marketing tool. To use these campaigns and web activities in Management Center, you must migrate them.
(not applicable)
Managing assets
  • Browse attachments, managed files, and managed directories
  • Create, change, and delete attachments
  • Create, change, and delete managed files
  • Create and delete managed directories
  • Upload files, such as product images and marketing content.

You can use the Assets tool in the Management Center to manage attachments that were created in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. You can also use the Assets tool to manage files that were uploaded using the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, such as product images and marketing content.

(not applicable)
Managing installment rules
  • Create installment rules to offer customers different installment payment options when they purchase items from your store catalog
  • Review how installment rules are scheduled in relation to one another in a calendar tool
  • Review the list of active and inactive installment rules
  • Activate and deactivate installment rules
  • Update installment rules
  • Delete installment rules
Installment rules are not supported in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.
Managing stores
  • Update store profile information such as the name or description of a store, contact information, store location, and supported languages and currencies
  • Change the logo that appears in a store
  • Add or change text in store pages
  • Change the style of a store, including the store layout, color, and banner
  • Specify the functions that are available in your store, such as which optional fields to display on store pages
  • View your changes in the store
  • Open or close a store
  • Create new stores by using the Store Creation wizard
  • Suspend stores
  • Resume stores
Managing tasks
  • Manage content within a workspace by selecting tasks, managing content within tasks, adding comments, and approving or rejecting tasks
  • Work on assigned tasks, complete tasks, and submit tasks for approval

For more information about which workspaces tasks you can manage in the Workspace Management tool within Management Center, see Managing workspaces.

(not applicable)
Managing pages and layouts(Commerce Composer tool)
  • Create pages for your store.
  • Create layouts for pages by using widgets.
  • Assign layouts to store pages.
  • View layouts.
(not applicable)