Workspace Management tool

You can use the Workspace Management tool in Management Center to manage and edit workspaces and its tasks and task groups that you are authorized to work with.

Using the Workspace Management tool, you can perform a number of tasks, provided that you are assigned the appropriate role. Workspace roles include Workspace Manager, Workspace Task Group Approver and Workspace Content Contributor. The following table displays the tasks that each role can perform:
Workspace Management tool tasks.
Workspace Manager Task Group Approver Workspace Content Contributor
Managing workspaces
Create workspaces
Change workspaces
Cancel workspaces
Delete workspaces
View workspaces
Managing task groups
Create task groups
Change task groups
Cancel task groups
Delete task groups
Activate task groups
Reactivate task groups
Approve or reject task groups
View task groups
Search for task groups
Add comments to task groups
View task groups history
Open task group changes
Compare changes with approved content
Undo task group changes
View task group history after the task group is approved or canceled.
Managing tasks
Create tasks
Change tasks
Delete tasks
Mark tasks as complete
Approve or reject tasks
Reactivate tasks
View tasks
View task details
Search for tasks
Work on tasks

(Approval task)

Add comments to tasks
View comments in tasks
View task changes
Open task changes
Compare changes with approved content
Undo task changes