IBM Management Center for WebSphere Commerce

Getting Started Video Series

New to Management Center? Explore our video series to get started quickly using various Management Center tools and learn about features that can help you work more efficiently.

Management Center (general)

Product tour (5:15)

Learn the basics about using Management Center and find out how to define your work area, browse, search, and get help.

Commerce Composer tool

Creating a page and designing a layout (8:42)

Learn how to create a page URL and create a layout for the page by using templates and widgets.

Catalogs tool

Enriching product information (6:09)

Learn how to enhance product information efficiently, set up cross-sells, add descriptive attributes, and preview the results.

Managing sales catalogs (6:51)

Learn techniques to construct and manage sales catalogs, set a default catalog, and preview the results.

Marketing tool

Creating a web activity (7:44)

Learn how to display an ad on a store page and then preview and troubleshoot the results on the storefront.

Creating a dialog activity (4:25)

Learn how to automatically send an email to customers when they place their first order on your store.

Creating a marketing experiment (6:21)

Learn how to set up A/B testing for two ads and then view statistics about the test.

Promotions tool

Creating a promotion (5:42)

Learn how to create a promotion that applies a discount to a product at checkout.