Selecting and viewing stores

Use the Store Management tool to select a specific store and view that store in a new browser window to determine what changes you want to make in the store. You can also view the store in a new browser window after you make changes to the store.


  1. Open the Store Management tool.
  2. In the explorer view filter, click Stores.
    The Stores list view displays, containing a list of the stores that you are authorized to work with.
  3. Click the store that you want to view in a new browser window; then from the toolbar, click Launch store toolbar button icon to open a new browser window for the selected store.
    Note: The launch store feature is available only for direct stores, hub stores, and extended site stores. You cannot use the launch store feature to view storefront asset stores, catalog asset stores, extended site hub stores, or auxiliary stores in a new browser window.


A new browser window opens and the storefront for the selected store launches in the browser. You are automatically logged in to the store with the same user credentials used in your current Management Center session. Since the store is launched in the same session as your current Management Center session, you can launch and view a store even when the store is in a closed state.

By default, the store launches using the input language specified for Management Center. If this language is not supported in the store, the store launches using the default language specified for the store.