Store Management

You can use the Store Management tool in Management Center to manage the stores that you are authorized to work with.

The Store Management tool replaces all of the store management features in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, except store creation and the ability to suspend and resume stores. For more information about the mapping between store management features in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator and Management Center, see Store management changes between and.

The Store Management tool makes it faster and easier for Sellers, Site Administrators, and Channel Managers to work with stores, allowing them to view all of the stores that they are authorized to work with at once and to work with multiple stores at a time. For example, you can apply changes to multiple stores at once, such as editing multiple store profiles at the same time.

Store types and categories

The Store Management tool uses the following store types to organize the supported store categories:
  • Direct
  • Hub
  • Asset
  • Extended Site
  • Catalog Asset
  • Auxiliary
The following table shows these store categories and the store types contained within each category:
Store type Store category
Direct store icon Direct
  • B2C
  • B2B direct (B2B)
  • Basic B2B direct (BBB)
Hub store icon Hub
  • Hosting hub (HCP)
  • Supplier hub (SCP)
  • Channel hub (CHS)
Asset store icon Asset
  • B2C hosted storefront asset store (MPS)
  • B2B hosted storefront asset store (BMP)
  • B2C reseller storefront asset store (RPS)
  • B2B reseller storefront asset store (BRP)
Extended site store icon Extended Site
  • B2C hosted store (MHS)
  • B2B hosted store (BMH)
  • B2C reseller store (RHS)
  • B2B reseller store (BRH)
  • Supplier asset store (SPS)
  • Supplier hosted store (SHS)
Catalog asset store icon Catalog Asset
  • Catalog asset store (CPS)
  • Supplier catalog asset store (SCS)
Auxiliary store icon Auxiliary
  • Distributor asset store (DPS)
  • Store directory (PBS)
  • Distributor proxy store (DPX)
The following screen capture shows the supported store types and their associated store categories in the Stores List view within the Store Management tool:
Store List view screen capture
Each store category supports a unique set of features.
The following table shows the features that are supported for each store type:
Feature Direct Hub Asset Extended Site Catalog Asset
Update store profile information x x x x x
Update supported languages x x x x
Update supported currencies x x x x
Edit store style x x x x
Edit selected store functions x x x x
Open or close store x x x
Launch store x x x


You can only use the Store Management tool in a workspace-enabled environment if you are working on approved content. If you are working on a specific task, the Store Management tool is not available.