Task flow: Merchandising and marketing with search in the Aurora starter store

In this task flow, you learn how to use WebSphere Commerce Search to effectively market and merchandise through your storefront catalog and other site content.

This task flow is intended for business users with the Aurora starter store. It covers the following topics in detail, and includes easy to follow examples:

  • (Catalog Manager) Using synonyms and replacement terms to merchandise other related products
  • (Catalog Manager) Detecting search misses optimizing search results
  • (Marketing Manager) Providing a custom branding experience with a Landing Page
  • (Marketing Manager) Creating search rules to manipulate search results
  • (Marketing Manager) Displaying marketing content on the search results page
  • (Marketing Manager) Recommending products
  • (Marketing Manager) Recommending products dynamically
  • (Marketing Manager) Managing facet attributes for products

Before you begin

To complete each task and its respective example, the following is required:
  • The Aurora starter store
  • A Product Manager account for Management Center, or alternatively, a Catalog Manager and Marketing Manager