Providing brand experience with a landing page

In this task, you link specific search terms to a landing page, providing a better brand experience.Landing pages are used to promote certain products or activities in the store by directing shoppers to specific store pages based on keywords search. The landing page can promote certain products, brands, or store pages, depending on the nature of the search submission. If a shopper searches for a keyword, you can define the resulting landing page as a page of your choice, such as a related store category page, as opposed to the search results page.

Before you begin

Ensure that the intended landing page exists, and obtain the URL. If necessary, contact your store developer to create the landing page you want displayed.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. From the explorer view, click Search Term Associations.
  3. Click the Landing Pages tab.
  4. Create a link between specified search terms and a landing page by:
    1. Click New New to create a landing pages row.
    2. Enter the search term or terms that you want associated, and the URL of the landing page.
    For example, create a linked landing page for the search term fashion. You can do so by entering the following parameters:
    1. Set the Search Terms to include fashion
    2. Set the Landing Page to a URL where your landing page is located, such as the default SearchLandingPage1 or http://host_name/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/aurora/apparel-designer

      Make sure that you change the host_namevalue in the URL to the correct host name at your respective location

  5. Click Save; then click Close.


You can verify your search term associations through Store Preview Store Preview, or by opening your site directly. Use Quick Search to submit a search query on your linked search terms:

  • If you specified your own landing page URL, it displays provided you search for the specified search terms.
  • If you applied the example term and landing page, searching for Kurkovaor Elise Kurkova brings you to a pre-designed landing page created for women's dresses - also linked to by the default linked search term women's dresses.